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Save Money

Save Money
on your auto repairs

Find High-Quality, Local Shops and Get A Discount To Try Them Out!

Local shops want to earn your business by offering you a discount to try their services.

The process is easy...

Search the directory for a local shop or dealership.
Purchase a certificate for repairs or maintenance on your vehicle.
Get Repairs
Take your vehicle in for service as you normally would.
Save Money
Present your certificate and the shop reduces your bill saving you money!
By the way... It's guaranteed!
Your purchase is backed by our 110% money-back guarantee.
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See how easy it is
to find a quality repair shop and start saving money.
Slide 1 - Julie
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Julie - Naperville, IL

"I'm always a little apprehensive when I take my car in to get it serviced. Being able to read the shop reviews and the details before I choose a shop made me feel much more at ease...thank you AutoPair."

Slide 2 - Family
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Emily - Aurora, IL

"My husband and I both depend on our cars. The certificates have definitely saved us money and helped our budget, which is tight with a young family."

Slide 3
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Chris - Chicago, IL

"I recently moved to Chicago and needed the brakes done. I searched through the AutoPair network and found a shop really close to me. The shop is top notch and has taken great care of me and my car!"

Slide 4 - Jane
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Jane - Chicago, IL

I always check the AutoPair site and reviews before I go in. It helps me to feel more educated and comfortable when I talk to the staff about what my car needs.

Slide 5 - Nancy and Ben
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Nancy & Ben - Plainfield, IL

If we didn't use AutoPair we'd end up paying more for our car repairs, so we try to use it as often as we can. We've found a great shop that we really trust now.

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