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Founders For Change Press Release

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AutoPair Signs Founders For Change Pledge

Pushing for diversity in the tech industry

CHICAGO, IL (August 2019) -  The recent partnership between AutoPair, Inc. and Founders For Change has affirmed AutoPair's belief in creating an innovative and diverse work environment. Founders For Change has advocated for a diverse set of perspectives within the tech industry through the promotion of a level-playing field. In order to demonstrate their commitment to this mission, AutoPair has adopted the Founder For Change initiative and signed the pledge.

Founders For Change is an organization that brings together venture-backed founders who work towards improving diversity and inclusion within their companies. Many of the founders are frustrated with the lack of diversity when searching for investment partners. To solve this issue, members have drafted a pledge that works to improve diversity within the tech ecosystem by involving all people regardless of race, gender, and socioeconomic status. Over 1,000 founders have signed this agreement to acknowledge the mission to further diversify the tech industry. By signing this pledge, AutoPair is in compliance and advocates that everyone practices building this type of work environment.

To live up to their agreement with Founders For Change, one of the ways AutoPair supports the initiative is by supporting veteran organizations that include veterans in the American working population. Veterans are currently facing disadvantages post-service, and have difficulty finding stable employment opportunities. AutoPair regularly reaches out to veteran communities with employment and networking opportunities, which helps bring new and exciting perspectives into the workplace.

AutoPair believes in Founders For Change's initiative and allows each member to voice their opinions that stem from different cultural, social, and spiritual values that in-turn enhances AutoPair's success. Innovation starts with new ideas that come from a vast array of perspectives and opinions. AutoPair understands this logic, and pledges to continue working with Founders For Change through building this type of work environment.

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