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Together We Can Create A Diverse and Inclusive Environment

As society progresses; innovation changes, perspectives shift and a new generation enters the workforce. Diversity is currently one of the driving factors companies are looking for during the hiring process. AutoPair excels at creating a diverse and inclusive environment.

AutoPair allows each member to contribute their distinctive qualities that stem from cultural, social, and spiritual values in order to enhance company success and overall morality. A feeling of inclusion is among AutoPair's top priorities. In an effort to demonstrate our commitment, AutoPair signed the Founders For Change pledge.

Founders For Change is an organization for tech founders who want to involve all people regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status. This organization practices diversity and inclusion by promoting compliance through their initiative statement. Over 700 founders have signed this pledge that resembles the values of diversity of inclusion in the work environment. By signing this pledge, AutoPair is in compliance and advocates that everyone practice building this type of working environment. This group of like-minded people believe that inclusion is the key to innovation and enhancement to the workforce.

Diversity and inclusion are extremely important factors taken into account during the hiring process. However, possessing the correct skill-set and qualifications continue to trump all other factors. AutoPair looks for the best and brightest wherever they may be. Through this past round of hiring, we found that although many males applied, female applicants were better suited for the positions offered. This is based not only on their skill sets but because females are a large portion of AutoPair's target market; therefore, female interns seem to have a better grasp on what our demographic is looking for in our product.

Diversity is not limited to race and ethnic backgrounds, but considers all aspects that make up who a person is. For example, veterans are currently at a massive disadvantage post-service, entering the workforce due to lack of experience. AutoPair has close ties to the veteran community, and the effort to include them to the American working population. While hiring, AutoPair reached out to other veteran organizations to notify their database that AutoPair is hiring. Along with this outreach effort, AutoPair is also a part of an organization in 1871 called Bunker Labs. Bunker Labs is an organization built by veterans for veteran entrepreneurs looking to connect, educate, and inspire. Being a part of these organizations provides an extensive network for AutoPair.

AutoPair believes in a level playing field, regardless of background while maintaining the belief that there should not be an agenda set out to hire a diverse team. Companies should hire employees skill-set, merit and aligning company values. AutoPair looks forward to seeing where this diverse and qualified group of interns takes us throughout the summer. 

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