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Why is the Restroom So Important to a Female Customer?

Why is the Restroom So Important to a Female Customer

Your Restroom is a Reflection of Your Business.​ What is Your Restroom Saying About You?

As a business owner, you spend a lot of time finding customers. It's important to understand that once you have a new customer, you have to earn their trust and respect. The customer needs to have a positive experience in your shop in order for them to trust and respect your authority in your field. This will bring them back to your shop again, and again. Did you know that a survey was done with over 1,000 people which determined that 94% of those surveyed would not return to the business if the restroom was not clean?

"Cleanliness might not first seem to play such a vital role in your brand values like your integrity, your transparency, your follow-through, and the quality of your products/service, but cleanliness is one of the first values your customers will notice – especially in the bathroom." 

Simple Marketing Now, 2019

Is it Clean, or Dirty?

In a woman's mind, a well cared for bathroom sends a message that the business is professional and the mechanics are trustworthy. This is what is known as the "halo effect".

"The halo effect is a well documented social-psychology phenomenon that causes people to be biased in their judgments by transferring their feelings about one attribute of something to other, unrelated, attributes.

For example, a tall or good-looking person will be perceived as being intelligent and trustworthy, even though there is no logical reason to believe that height or looks correlate with smarts and honesty."

Jakob Nielsen & Jen Cardello
Nielsen Norman Group

Many women fear their lack of knowledge about the car's mechanical functions will lead to a more expensive bill.

A clean, functioning, and well-supplied bathroom communicates you put time into providing a welcoming atmosphere, which to her, shows that you are genuinely concerned about her. Because you made this effort to attend to her needs, she is able to relax and feel more comfortable. This, in turn, leads to her trusting you, and perceiving that your shop pays attention to the details, and that you will provide excellent mechanical work on her vehicle. Again, the "halo effect".

The opposite is true. A dirty, malfunctioning, ill equipped and uncomfortable bathroom shows a lack of concern or consideration about a woman's comfort. The woman customer then develops feelings of distrust towards the shop. It communicates the shop is not detail-oriented and they don't take pride in their business.

How Can You Improve Customer Experience?

"To satisfy customers, businesses must ensure restrooms are consistently stocked, clean, dry and functioning"

Dave Mesko, Senior Director of Marketing
Clean Link, July 2019

To create a positive atmosphere, add deodorizer with scents that relieve stress and anxiety. Provide a full length mirror, tissues, and an empty trash can next to the door. I stress empty because a trash can that is running over, is sloppy and unappealing. Women are more comfortable in a clean, well kept environment. 

Most women understand the importance of hand washing to remove contamination. The restroom is a place where touchless features are preferred. The faucet, soap dispensers, self-flushing toilets, and automatic towel dispensers are a few of these preferred features. The less contact with items in the restroom means a lesser chance of contamination. This in turn means less chance of contracting a disease, such as the flu, cold, diarrhea, vomiting cramping, fever etc. Who wants any of that? Nobody! 

Having a Clean Ladies Room Can Earn You a Customer for Life.

Women are in need of mechanical repairs, but if your shop restroom is not clean and properly maintained she will not feel comfortable and may not return. That would be a great financial loss to your business. Your restroom is a reflection of you and your business. What do you want your restroom to say about you?

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