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Ways You Could Be Killing Your Car

Ways You Could Be Killing Your Car

Each day, week, and season you and your car must face a multitude of difficulties. For you, problems can range from forgetting to do the dishes to coping with the boss' new "big project." For your car, they rest somewhere in between low tire pressure to a failed transmission. You'll have to look somewhere else to help with those dishes, but here is a list of tips to focus on when considering the health of your car.

"Because auto care isn't always a top priority for car owners, they might not realize they are doing things that adversely affect the performance, safety and value of their car. Routine maintenance can go a long way toward saving money, avoiding headaches and protecting your vehicle investment."

Rich White
Executive Director
Car Care Council

Tips to keep your car healthy 

Don't ignore the check engine light. 

Ignoring an illuminated check engine light can result in serious engine trouble and costly repairs. The warning light is meant to tell you that something is wrong, so taking the time to react to it may help you avert the problem before it becomes a problem. 

Remember to change fluids and filters. 

Many fluids are required for the operation and protection of vehicle systems and components. Antifreeze is a perfect example. When the weather gets too hot or too cold, antifreeze is the definite go-to for making sure that your parts don't overheat or freeze over. Keep an eye on those fluids-- they're like vitals for your car. 

Don't neglect your tires! 

Your vehicle's tires should be checked frequently for inflation and tread depth. Remember that if your tires are underinflated, your car's general performance will go down. Gas mileage will suffer, the tire will wear out sooner meaning you have to replace it earlier, and the safety of your vehicle will decrease (since it is more susceptible to imperfections on the ground). For more information on how to spend 5% less on gas by checking your tires, refer to our article on tire pressure.

Follow a service schedule. 

Because many car parts and components wear out or become damaged over time, vehicles need to be routinely serviced in order to perform optimally. This is another tip to avoid needless costs down the road: Keep a soft schedule for yourself to make sure your car is well kept every now and then. Routine checks will help keep your car running efficiently. 

Keep it clean! 

Allowing your car to go too long without a wash leads to buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt, increases the potential for rust from road salt and interferes with proper visibility needed for safe driving. 

Drive safe and smart. 

No, really. By watching the conditions of your driving on a regular basis, you can help keep your car running in top condition. Some 'smart choices' include: removing unnecessary loads, paying attention to the speed limit (avoiding wear on the wheels), avoiding 'aggressive driving' and also using swift starts and swift stops (avoiding wear on the brakes). 

This article was written with the help and resources from the non-profit Car Care Council. The "Be Car Care Aware" campaign is a consumer education program about the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair, designed to provide knowledge from all segments of the automotive aftermarket industry. 

 The non-profit Car Care Council is the source of information for the "Be Car Care Aware" consumer education campaign promoting the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair to consumers. To view the Car Care Council's consumer education website, visit www.carcare.org

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