• What if the shop doesn't honor my certificate? +

    All AutoPair Merchants are contractually obligated to honor the certificate. However, if the shop does not honor the certificate, AutoPair will refund 100% of the certificate purchase.

  • Can I use the certificate at any repair facility? +

    No. AutoPair certificates are specifically designed to be used at the facility that is offering the certificate.

  • How do I purchase a certificate? +

    1. Search for a local repair shop or new car dealership in your area.

    2. Review the certificates that they offer and choose one you would like to use.

    3. Add it to your cart

    4. Complete the purchase of the certificate on the AutoPair site.

    5. As soon as your payment is confirmed, the digital certificate will be emailed to you.

    6. Schedule or take your vehicle in to get the service performed.

    7. Let the owner or service manager know that you are using an Autopair certificate.

    8. When the repairs are completed, make sure to show the shop your certificate so that they can verify it.

    9. The shop will deduct the value of the certificate from your bill.

    You just saved money on your auto repair!

  • How much does a certificate cost? +

    Costs can vary based upon the value of the certificate. Please see the individual certificates for the price.

  • How long does it take to receive a certificate? +

    Certificates are delivered immedaitely to your smart device or to your email upon purchase completion.

  • Can I get a refund on a certificate? +

    Yes, for any unused certificates you can get a full refund, or if for some reason a shop does not honor the certificate, AutoPair guarantees you get your full purchase price returned.

  • Can I print certificates? +

    Yes! When your transaction completes your certificate is sent to your email or smart device and you can print from there.

  • Are certificates the same as a gift card? +

    No, certificates are redeemable at the auto-repair facility, at this point we do not offer gift cards.

  • What are the restrictions on certificates? +

    Every shop will have different restrictions depending on the value on the certificates and the shop itself. Please refer to the individual certificate for those restrictions.

  • How many certificates can I use at one time? +

    You can purchase more than one certificate at a time but you can only redeem one at a time.

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