• Is there an AutoPair app? +

    We currently do not have an app available. Although the AutoPair app is in our roadmap to be released in the near future.

  • How do I tell my friends about AutoPair? +

    We encourage you to spread the word about AutoPair. In fact, AutoPair will reward you the more people you tell.  Go to our referral rewards section and follow the instructions.

  • What is the AutoPair Guarantee? +

    Please see the AutoPair Guarantee here.

  • How does it work? +

    AutoPair works with the local auto repair shops and new car dealerships to design discount certificates for vehicle owners to use to try out their shops. 

    The repair shops are willing to give you this discount to entice you to try their business.  Once you try out their services, then they want to try and build a long-term, trusting relationship with you to help you service and maintain your vehicle.

  • How do I know that the shop doesn't raise it's rate just because I'm using a discount certificate? +

    All AutoPair merchants are required to publish their shop rates here on AutoPair so that you know what the rate is before you walk in the door to have any service done. One of our missions is to promote transparency between consumers and repair shops.  By requiring AutoPair Merchants to publish their rates we believe this helps to promote the trust between both parties.

  • How does AutoPair save me money? +

    When you purchase a certificate, it's purchased at a discount to its value. (i.e.- a $50 certificate might be purchased for $10) Therefore, you save a total of $40 on your repair.

  • What if there is no repair shops in my area? +

    If there are no shops in your area, please let us know by going to our contact us page. We will contact shops the local shops in your area and get them signed up on the AutoPair site.

  • What is the AutoPair community? +

    The AutoPair community is a social community designed for AutoPair Merchants and industrial professionals to connect with each other.

  • Does AutoPair offer deals on new or used cars? +

    No, we do not offer deals on new or used cars as we are not a new or used car site.

  • How can AutoPair offer these discounts? +

    AutoPair works closely with the repair shop to design certificate offerings that benefit the shops as much as they benefit the vehicle owner.  

    Business owners have to spend capital (money) on an advertising or marketing campaign to get a customer to come into their business.  That's money out of their pocket. And then the business owner has no guarantee that they'll receive one new customer from the expenditure on the advertising campaign. 

    What AutoPair does differently is allow the business to sign up with us without charging them any fees or subscriptions. Then the business is able to get a new customer into their business without it costing them anything to get you there.  The only thing they are required to do is honor the value of the certificate that you purchased. Because we work with them individually to design the certificate offerings, we know that the business will still make a profit on the offering.  Therefore, we have taken all the risk away for the business owner to offer a discount to you to try their shop and services.

    Then AutoPair helps educate the owner on not only how to get a new customer, but then how to turn that new customer into a long-term repeat relationship. The vehicle owner saves money by using the certificate. The shop gets a new customer without paying any fees or subscriptions and still makes a profit. And, AutoPair makes a little for connecting you both together.


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