• Can I have a certificate sent to my smart device? +

    Yes. All Autopair certificates are sent via email and can be accessed from your smart device. You can show the certificate to the shop on your device and they will redeeem it.

  • What if there are no shops close to me? +

    As we expand AutoPair across the nation, we expect that there will be areas that have not had shops sign up yet. Please use our Contact Us page and let us know what city, state, and zip code you are in. That way, we can reach out to the shops in your area and begin to sign them up.

  • Can I search by Zip Code? +

    Yes. AutoPair has an extensive search engine that lets you search by zip code and many other parameters.

  • How do I search for a local repair shop? +

    There are several ways to search for a local shop.

    1. Use the search field at the top of the page.


    2. Use any of the buttons that say "Find A Shop"


    You can even click this button right now.

  • Why don't I see the certificate in my cart? +

    You probably have not added the certificate to your cart. When you are on an individual certificate page, make sure to click the button "Add to Cart."

  • Why can’t I find a certificate for a certain shop? +

    The shop might not be registered in the AutoPair network. If there is a shop you would like included, please contact us and let us know the shop.

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