Flattened Winter Tire

Be Car Care Aware-- Watch the tire pressure!

Across all seasons, there are some things that your car needs in order to run smoothly and to last long. Many forget that in the winter, that fact is devastatingly apparent and it shows on our gas bill receipts. Truth be told, the prime cause of the heightened gas fee lies in your tires! There is a direct causation between tire pressure (or rather, incorrect vs. correct tire pressure) and the amount of gas that you have to buy for your car. There are a few intermediate steps, but by the end of the article you will understand why you're paying 5-10% more on gas in the winter. Keep reading to find out the correlation...

common vehicle repairs infographic

According to research conducted by IMR Inc., an industry leader in automotive research, the top 10 most common vehicle repairs performed by vehicle owners and their trusted repair shops are:

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Several years ago, AutoPair founder & CEO Ken Koger had a vision to create a network that provided resources to help vehicle owners and shop owners. Tapping into his military experience provided Ken with the tools to deploy that plan. 

Ken Koger Founder For Change

As society progresses; innovation changes, perspectives shift and a new generation enters the workforce. Diversity is currently one of the driving factors companies are looking for during the hiring process. AutoPair excels at creating a diverse and inclusive environment.

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Your brakes are the most important part of a car, slowly and stopping the car and allowing for safe control of your vehicle. How do they work?

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1871, the de facto hub and showcase for technology startups in Chicago, recently sat down and interviewed AutoPair's founder & CEO, Ken Koger. Ken was chosen by 1871 along with 3 other member startups to share his thoughts on his relationship with 1871 and how it has impacted the growth of AutoPair.

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AutoPair, Inc. has been accepted as one of the three businesses to compete in the SBAC (Small Business Advocacy Council) Venture Pitch on November 9th.